Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thing 23

All in all this was a very good exercise to discover the web resources that are available to us. I will need to start from scratch though to absorb all this information. As they say, you have to play to win...you have to use it to understand it. I will first go over all the terminology until I fully understand everything. I will need to pick and choice which resources are most helpful to me, otherwise it will all seem overwhelming it I try to do it all on a regular basis.

Thanks to everyone who helped bring this about and to everyone who helped me through this. This is a great idea to get folks(me) motivated to explore more technology.

Thing 22

I used the advance search in Project Gutenberg and was rather disappointed that after trying several broad subject searches I received very few hits. I did discover that they have sheet music, but was not able to download the music. I will have to play with this some more to see what type of sheet music is actually available for free.

Thing 21

I posted one of my favorite NPR shows Only A Game on Bloglines. Click on NPR if you want to check my blogline. I can click it on and listen while I am working on a project on-line or at my desk. No more searching for the site for Only A Game.

Thing 20

The music to this video gives it more character. Watch the pups playing in the pool.

Thing 19

I discovered a site Backpack that helps you get organized. It uses some of the very same web tools that we are learning through 23 Things. Web 2.0 awards list is very simple to browse and has some curious and interesting posts.

4 more to go...

Thing 17

I added my personal touch to the MarylandSandbox wiki by adding my blog. Now it is new and improved :).

Yeh!! I am getting closer to the end!

Thing 16

How a site is organized makes ALL the differences!!! I found the Princeton Booklovers Wiki to be very user friendly. The organization of a site is most important to me. If it is too disorganized, I will be easily turned off.